Ice Storm Preparedness: 3 Tips to Stay Safe

by Realty D'Elia Group 04/04/2022

Ice storms can be dangerous and damaging, especially when combined with other severe winter weather. If you live in a region prone to ice storms, it's important to know what to do to mitigate possible damage and stay safe. Here are some tips for preparing for an ice storm:

Stock Up Early

One good thing about ice storms is that they are fairly predictable. An unfortunate result of the weather service predicting an ice storm is stores will frequently sell out of de-icing products as people stock up at the last minute. To save yourself the trouble, consider having some deicer before the freezing temperatures hit. You can use rock salt, non-clumping cat litter or a pre- made product in either granule or liquid form.

Install Winter Tires

One of the most dangerous things about an ice storm is its impact on driving conditions. Slippery roads and subzero temperatures are risky in combination, but can both be mitigated by quality winter tires. Not only do winter tires have specialized tread for stability on icy roads, they're specifically made to withstand extreme temperatures without cracking.

Prepare for Power Outages

Power outages are extremely common during and after an ice storm. The weight of solid ice on tree branches and cables can bring down powerlines with ease. Therefore, it's wise to prepare for a loss of power at home in combination with the harsh temperatures. Have flashlights, spare batteries available for everyone in your household to manage in the dark. Consider investing in a portable backup generator to have electricity during a power outage, as it will give you the opportunity to charge cell phones and power electric heating appliances like kettles or hot plates.

Ice storms can cause a lot of trouble, but are much easier to get through if you prepare accordingly. Keep these tips in mind when getting ready for winter.